HP Calling Our Helpdesk Support Line for Sales

  • Now this just pisses me off. I totally get that sales people need to make sales, and they don't always have the contact info for someone that they are calling, but calling our customer-only, you have to pay to use it helpdesk option to talk to a support desk, claim that they are following up on a customer issue in order to get escalated to management, to then try to do a quick survey - wtf. Totally unprofessional and inappropriate. If you can't buy a list of numbers, get numbers in some legitimate way, or just ask the people in your organization who know the right people to contact, don't call someone's helpdesk and use their customer escalation processes to try to make a sale!

  • @scottalanmiller this is the ONLY way I make any money Scott, WTH calling me out on my BS?!

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