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Thus far, nothing has resolved this issue.

As the install was Office 365;
Deleted OST file
Deleted User Mail profile
Online repair
Un-installed Office 365
Cleared application / user folders - rebooted
Installed Office 2016

The only other thing i can think of is;

Backup user data, wipe the drive (2 min max as it is a nvm drive) Image and restore user data.

This is an odd issue to say the least. I am hoping the o365 team can determine a solution rather than having to go that route.

I feel like you're shooting a shotgun in the woods during a new moon and praying to hit a target.

If you don't have permission to make any changes because of GPO and you have no visibility in office 365. Then just escalate the issue. Otherwise it's just a time waste for all involved.

Lol- I did. The O365 team kicked to the IR Team ( incident response), who closed it as I was working ...

Guess I’ll just have to reimage it ,.,.,