@Obsolesce said in Finding specific file type that has no extension: Is there anything inside the file that can tell you? For example, if you write a script that cats each file or whayever and looks for specific string, then moves it if it matches. I don't know what those files are, so ya. Just thinking out loud without any info. No, because they are just ancient like ~20 + years old, no extension or really anything to hit on. Apple still supports Postscript Type 1 fonts, but nothing else does. I managed to get it to work with what I needed with the above. Additionally I created two reports 1) listing all of he postscript type 1 fonts and 2) listing truetype and opentype fonts. So now we can build a list of things that needs to get upgraded. To find the non-extension'd postscript type 1 fonts I used find . -type f -d -empty >> old-crap.txt To find the modern fonts I used find . -name '*.ttf' -d >> modern-font.txt and just replaced .ttf with .otf, .otc, .ttc, .tte and .dfont and appended the same modern-font.txt file for each of those.